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4shared – is a desktop program that complimentue a browser-based storage system. Upload files using this app, then open them somewhere, or share them with others.

If you are looking for an online application, click here!

at work4shareddesktop-profitable look in the same way as a web application so users will be familiar with the layout. It also uses a pretty standard format in Windows style, with a traditional wood file, so easy to organize vashyyafayly.

The advantage of this desktop version of4shared even a large load has a tendency to be smooth. You can not accidentally close the application in the browser window, so if you use 4shared it is very useful.

hotsgeta pretty versatile, 4shared is not as convenient as Dropbox. On the other hand, the primary account gives more spacefor storage. It also makes you more manageable than using services like RapidShare or files as it significantly prostisheschob kiravatstym which you store online.

There are good opportunities for sharing, but again, this is a bit more difficult than the DropBox SuperLine system.A upload / download frame contains information such as the speed and time it has passed, but sapravdymozha is better represented.

4shared desktop fits perfectly into Windows environment such as file storage and app sharing, but it’s too complicated and the interface is smalloutdated.