Advanced Electronic Music (Ableton)

Advanced Electronic Music Production (Ableton Live)

If you are already making your own music, or have attended our Basic Electronic Music Course, and want to take your music production to the next level, this course is for you. Take a 12-hour course through advanced topics, or specialized single sessions (3 hours) to fine tune one particular part of your music skills.

  • MIDI hardware, MIDI controllers and interfaces
  • Beat techniques and variations
  • Electronic music theory: Scales and Chords
  • Electronic music theory: Circle of Fifths
  • Electronic music structures
  • Building Audio Effect Racks
  • Automating Audio Effects
  • Building Drum Racks
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Intro to Max for Live programming
  • Music business and contracts
  • Customized sessions¬†


  • This course is for you if you are already making music or have attended the Basic course
  • No music theory knowledge needed
  • Not software specific: Ableton Live preferred, but Logic Pro, FL Studio, and Cubase supported
  • We provide computers but bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac both OK) and¬†headphones so you can bring your music home

Course details

  • Course fee for 12 hour course (4 sessions of 3 hours each) $1120
  • Session fee for one customized consultation (3 hours) $290