Ashe Narayan, better known by his alter ego A:SHE has seen a great many years of clubs and music. DJ and, founder of event platform Knight Runners, and the event arm of POP Studio DJ A:SHE spares no time or expense in living out his passion.

Engulfed in the nightlife scene for almost 3 decades now, A:SHE had played and promoted stellar sets and events at places such as Barkode Cocktail Bar, Kilo Lounge, The Butter Factory, The Vault, Loof, Overeasy and Tanjong Beach Club to name a few.  A:SHE’s inspirations are derived from wide spectrum both local and international  With a stint in The UK, working at vinyl shops and a club in Oxford UK, his eclectic tastes in music has expanded across genres and eras of underground dance music. His strong belief in bringing new tunes and cacophonies to crowds inspires his late night constant treasure hunting all through cyberspace and beyond. The originator and the drama behind the pop up series ‘Heart of Glass’, his genre bending DJ sets will leave you drenched in sweat.

Since returning to the decks, A:SHE has graced the decks for art exhibition launches  at Gilman Barracks, the most memorable being for activist artist Ai Wei Wei as well as received the honor of being called to Dj and provide sound & light services at the residency of the US ambassador for the Joseph Balestier Awards ceremony.  DJ duties also include watch launches at Sincere Watches and for media platform POP SPOKEN.