Basic Electronic Music (Ableton Live)

Basic Electronic Music Production (Ableton Live)

Learn the basics of producing your very own electronic music track or remix, and the basics of using the music industry standard software Ableton Live, in this 12-hour course. By the end of the course, you will have created your very own basic electronic music track or remix. 

1. Introduction to music software – Ableton Live
2. Making beats
3. Building melodies and layers
4. Making songs with clips
5. Arrangement
6. Intro to Audio Effects
7. Intro to MIDI Effects
8. Basic Sampling
9. Intro to Mixer and Send Channels
10. Intro to Ableton Push 
11. Intro to Synths
12. Completing your song


This course is for beginners; no music theory knowledge or musical experience is needed
We provide computers but bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac both OK) and headphones so you can bring your music home
We will send you instructions on installing the Ableton Live 10 Suite software free demo

Course details

Course Fee $1020
Course hours – 4 sessions of 3 hours each