POP LAB is a collaboration between the experienced DJs and event organisers from POP Studio DJ School, and the musicians from the NUS Electronic Music Lab.

  • POP Studio offers beginners the opportunity to learn the basics while existing DJs can further advance their skills on technicalities and DJ management.
  • NUS Electronic Music Lab is a performance group based at the NUS Centre for the Arts that focuses on creating, performing and promoting original electronic music

POP LAB was designed as outreach program for guests of the Super 0 Season, a locally based music and art festival held annually since 2013, hosting some of the finest DJs and performers from both the local and foreign circuits. The workshops were very well received and audience members stayed on long after the workshops officially ended.


POP LAB is an ideal value added product to include in any club or bar’s regular programming. It serves as effective tool to draw new regulars to the venue, while educating the current punters into developing a deeper understanding as to why they venues play the music that they play, as well as the inspiration for setting up the venue. This serves as a great opportunity for venue operators to connect with their regulars on a personal level while garnering even more market recognition and expand on their credibility.


  • Each segment could lasts from 2 to 2 ½ hours
  • Participants come in groups of 10 to 15 by pre-registration. This can be packaged with 2 house pour drinks of the venue premium for valued customers, or a promotion for new prospects
  • The hosting venue runs could offer privilege cards or vouchers to the attendees to be claimed at a later date.
  • Other options can be discussed with the venue.

Speak to find out how POP LAB can help your store drive sales and awareness.

POP LAB at SUPER 0 Season

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