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Supernatural season 13 episode 5

Supernatural season 13 episode 5

In supernatural qualities, Akals Jensen and Jared Padalecki participated as deans and Sam Vinchester, two brothers who visited the country in search of their missing father and fighting the devil in their own way. Sam Vinchester himself is a law student who is determined to flee from the past by family – in contrastfrom his older brother, Dean. Since childhood, his father has been accustomed to obsessing with finding the evil forces that killed his beloved wife, tracing the training and training of his two young children to retaliate. They grow up as supernatural hunters. Sam’s gone from college, and now he’s luckylife with her friend Jessica and promises her future career. However, Dean remained with his father to join him in “hunting.” Dean went to see Himself for help when their father disappeared. Now, he must have a relationship with his brother to find him. His weekend trip to search for John Winchester Stadiumbecame a constant search after a terrible tragedy that led to the thought of a happy life for Sam. Two brothers, related to the tragedy and blood of their mission, traveling all over the country to deal with terrible power and the most dangerous. It is believed that only superstitions and folklore, such as the Wake of the Lada, the animal India,known as vendigo, Phantom Travelers koitoprichiniavaiki plane crash, Bloodi Mari, vampires, demons, etc.