This 12 hour course  will arm your with the acquired advanced skills to bring your music or remixes to the next level. This course is suitable for musicians who are already producing music on Ableton Live or have completed our course Basic Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live


The is a virtually taught version of our on-site course.  The lesson plans apply accordingly.


Sessions : 6

Duration : 2 hours

Total Hours : 12 hours

Fee : $950

Classes : By Appointment

Class size : 1 on 1

For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.


1. Macbook or Windows Laptop (any model within the past 3 years) 

2. Headphones (will sound better than your laptop speakers)

3. Download and install the 90 day free trial of the Ableton Live 10 Suite software from (downloading and installation will take some time, so it’s better if you get it done before we start the session.

4. Download the free app ListenTo from the Audiomovers website 

5. Download and install Zoom Client for Meetings for our video call, from the official website

6. Your own stationery for taking notes.

Ableton Live Online Advanced Production at


  • Ableton Live custom features and shortcuts
  • Ableton Live Packs and creating your own Packs
  • Introduction to Max for Live devices
  • Using MIDI Effects to boost your creativity
  • Music theory for electronic / electronic dance music
  • Circle of fifths, chord progressions, scales
  • Ableton Live music theory hacks – Scale, Chord
  • Using Ableton Live Audio Effects Rack and automation
  • Music arrangement for electronic / electronic dance music
  • Creating transitions, contrast, dynamics, builds and drops
  • Using Ableton Live Instrument Rack for sound design
  • Sampling with Ableton Simpler and Sampler
  • Using MIDI controllers (Launchpads) for music production
  • Adding punch with Compressor, Saturator, Transient Shapers, Sidechain compression
  • Finalizing your mix for release
  • Releasing your track – basics of music business, copyright, and music business law
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