Ableton Live Intro Workshop


Sessions : 1

Duration : 1 1/2 hours

Fee : $120

Classes : by Appointment

Class size : 1 on 1

For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.

Customized Ableton Sessions at

Experience the wonders of producing your own electronic music. Ableton Live is a versatile digital audio workstation that caters to a diverse range of creative purposes that are used by Electronic Music Greats from across the globe as well as here in Singapore.


1. Macbook or Windows Laptop (any model within the past 3 years)
2. Headphones (will sound better than your laptop speakers)
3. Download and install the 90 day free trial of the Ableton Live 10 Suite software from (downloading and installation will take some time, so it’s better if you get it done before we start the session.
4. Your own stationery for taking notes.


POP Studio DJ is based in Dunlop Street, 5 minutes walk from Jalan Besar

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