Weekly Production Classes


Sessions : 1

Duration : 2 hours

Fee : $200

Additional hour  : $85

Classes : by Arrangement

Class size : 1 on 1


For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.

Learn production with flexible weekly sessions from our experienced instructors and fulfill your creative dreams.


– Familiarise yourself with production programs

– Learn the basics of beat making at your own pace 

– Develop production skills

– Produce original melodies 

– Design your own bass riffs

– Produce covers or remixes of your favorite tracks  

– Build your own tracks from scratch

– Discover new tricks and advance with every lesson

– Experience different production programs 


Take your production and performing to the next level with our personalized consultation sessions tailored to your needs.


– Power up your mix with proven industry tips and tricks

– Learn advanced features of your production programs

– Add the final layer of polish to a track before release 

– Learn about specific production plug ins

– work with a co-producer   

– Prepare for an electronic live set 

– need improvements on a up coming release

– Design a live stream work flow



POP Studio DJ is based at ROOM 0416, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road #04-16, Singapore 199588 

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